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  • New video by JaddziaDax
  • Videos page updated!

Enjoy! - Scoob


  • New member added (Fay-Sa)!
  • New video by JaddziaDax
  • Videos and Members page updated

Happy New Year! - Scoob

Update! It's been a while...

  • Five new videos by Scoob
  • New member added (JaddziaDax)!
  • Videos and Members page updated

Enjoy! - Scoob


  • Three new videos by Scoob
  • Awards, Videos, and Members page updated

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  • Two new videos by Scoob
  • Awards and Videos page updated.

Enjoy! - Scoob

Site update...

  • Slight change in website look

Thanks for visiting! - Scoob

It's been a while...

  • New videos from Scoob
  • Members page and Awards page updated

Enjoy! - Scoob

It's a video and awards update. Sorry for being late with the update.

  • "Rush Core" by Flame-X
  • More awards added in the Awards page.

Enjoy! - Scoob

Well needed update....

  • New videos from Scoob, Devil^Shin and ForeverZeroo.
  • More awards added in the Awards page. Congrats!
  • Studio members update.

Enjoy the updates or something - Scoob

No way it's an update....seriously...

  • New videos from Scoob, Flame-X, and Batto!
  • More awards added in the Awards page. Congrats!

Enjoy! - Scoob


  • New video from Jubjub2, one of our honorary members.
  • New award added in the Awards page. Congrats Jubjub2!

That is it for now. - Scoob

A small update...

  • Three more videos were added to the website.
  • Flame-X was also added under the Awards page. Congrats!

Enjoy the small update - Scoob

Wow...finally updated....

  • We have eleven new videos added to the site. Two of the Eleven were made by our newest member Flame-X.
  • We also have a new Honorary Member...Mamo!....well finally added him...>.>
  • Each member's page has been updated along with the all videos page and anything else that needed to be updated.

I'm sure I'm going to have to update this site again soon...enjoy. -Scoob

Update time!

  • We have a new member named Flame-X. Welcome to the studio!
  • We have some new videos released by Devil^Shin, Scoob, Shinodude, and ForeverZeroo.
  • Some awards were won by Devil^Shin, Scoob, ForeverZeroo, and our honorary member Jubjub2.
  • All the videos have been added to the video page and all awards have also been added to the awards page.

Enjoy! - Scoob

Another update....yup...new stuff.

  • We had a video release from one of our Honorary Members, Jubjub2. She released "Behind the Illusion" under D.I.P. and has even won a "Best Drama" award from Otaku Omaha 2007.
  • ForeverZeroo released his first release under D.I.P. The video is called "Ouran: Love! Angst! Crack!".
  • Devil^Shin released another video called "Nightmare".
  • ScoobINSMDBZ released a video called "Star-Cross'd". He also released our first live action music video and has won an award with it at A-kon 18....well kinda...=/
  • All the videos have been added to the video page and all awards have also been added to the awards page.

Well thats all for now - Scoob

The site has finally been updated! Yeah laziness stuff...now for the new stuff.

  • A couple of new videos were made and released by Devil^Shin, Narutobattousai, Shinodude, and ScoobINSMDBZ.
  • Some awards were won by Devil^Shin, Narutobattousai, and ScoobINSMDBZ.
  • jade_eyed_angel left the studio and joined AuN Studios.
  • We got a new member ForeverZeroo and has been added to the site.
  • We also got some new affiliates (Reversed Studios and Aun Studios)

Yup fun stuff - Scoob.

We have had less than a year since we have renamed the studio. We had a few things happen during the change.

  • Right before we renamed the studio, Kristyrat and Kisanzi decided to go on their own and make a new studio. Their studio is called "Visualized Nightmare Studios". They are currently doing well and have also gotten three more editors to join their studio.
  • We also lost some memebers due to inactivity, but got three more editors to join: KnX, Devil^Shin, and shinodude. After a few months with us, KnX decided to move, but not before releasing two videos.
  • Right before KnX left, we got another editor to join, Daisuke_Z. He has released two videos so far.
  • We have also released a few other videos which can be found in the Video section.

That's it for now. - Scoob

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